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Dazzling starlets come and go, but there is only one legendary sex kitten whose beauty is as timeless as it is exquisite. Her name was Marilyn Monroe. Originally born Norma Jeane Mortenson (or sometimes creditted as Norma Jeane Baker), little Norma Jeane was raised by her mother, who suffered from clinical depression and mental illness. Gladys Mortenson only grew more and more emotionally unstable, until she was finally commited to a mental hospital. From then on, Norma Jeane was moving in and out of foster homes, even once living in an orphanage. She married at 16, in 1942, to a man named James Edward Dougherty. It was an arranged marriage that even seemed happy for a time, but a marriage lacking love, combined with Norma Jeane's insecurities and feeling of not belong ended the marriage in complete and utter failure. In 1944, Norma Jeane joined the war effort, working at the Radio Plane Company, packing parachutes. It was here she was discovered by army photographer David Conover, and the pictures he took of her would change Norma Jeane's life forever. She would go on to become a model for the Blue Book Modeling Agency, and from there, sign her $75 a week contract to 20th Century Fox (to pursue her dream of acting).
Executives agreed, though Norma Jeane was a very beautiful girl already, she would need some work. Her name was changed to Marilyn Monroe ('Monroe' taken from the late Della Monroe, her grandmother). Marilyn underwent a few minor cosmetic surgeries (her nose, chin, and hairline), and also took to the bleach, that would create perhaps her most memorable feature. Finally...Marilyn was living the dream. She started off her career playing characters that fell under the dizzy blonde category, and often money-grubbing gold-diggers. But as Marilyn's fame bloomed, she began to land more serious roles and proved herself, a uniquely talented actress. Marilyn became a legend not only of her time, but for every generation. She was the epitome of undying beauty, and femininity. Though her personal life was driven with scandel and controversy, on screen, Marilyn was perfection. She died, a tragic death on August 5, 1962, at her home in Los Angeles. A naked and bruised Marilyn was found sprawled on her bed, with a telephone reciever in one hand (the supposed cause of death being an overdose on sleeping pills, though evidence shows this was more likely, if not definitely a political assasination). Though she died at only 36, Marilyn's legacy still lives strong today. Her timeless movies continue to mesmerize audiences across the world, and her impeccable beauty is forever.