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*Colin Style*


He's cool. He's suave. He's the hottest ladies' man to hit the big time. He's Colin Farrell. Irish import, Colin Farrell, has become this year's *it* man since the debut of his three latest movies, all released this year. Though Colin set the record for being the only guy to book three in a row weekend box-office smashes, his career actually begun years before. His first real break was in a British TV series, entitled "Ballykissangel" (1996). From there, he moved on to make a few minor films, like "The War Zone" and "Falling For a Dancer" but it wasn't until "Tigerland" that Colin would hit the American scene. Right from the start, he was working with A-list actors, from Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck to Tom Cruise and Al Pacino. These days, Colin has established himself as an A-list actor, and his notorious wild side has become the talk of the town, around Hollywood. As "Details" magazine once put it, "Farrell smokes like a chimney, drinks like it's always last call, and is as horny as a priest in Disneyland." He's 27, single, and a "firm believer in casual sex". Though don't let the bad boy image fool you. "He's a helluva guy to be around. Everyone should be lucky enough to have the pleasure of his company at least once in their life," co-star, Affleck says. Though he may be horny and constantly on the run, Colin has always stuck close to his roots. He admits to being a real mama's boy, and has appeared at many a movie premeire arm-in-arm with his ol' mum, or sister, Claudine. "I'm not really a rebel, but I take chances. I have a good time, and I live life the way I want to live it."  

So what makes Colin so sexy? Is it the rough, Irish accent, commonly accessorized with profanities? Or is it those hot, brooding tattoos scattered across his arm? How about the million dollar smile he flashes whenever a camera is near, or that naturally aerodynamic hair? Whatever it is, Colin sure does know how to make a girl swoon and his unique fashion sense doesn't hurt either. "There are a lot of people who make an effort to look as if they're dressing down," he says. "I just dress down. I like to take things from film sets. I wear these boots from American Outlaws, and I nicked this jacket as well. But I'm happy in just T-shirts and stuff that people give me." On this page, we'll examine some prime examples of Colin's killer style. Dressed down or not, he's always looking hot.


Colin arrived at the 2003 Academy Awards ceremony, dressed to kill in this elegant black on black tux, with a tres chic silk tie.


 Geometric patterns are always a must, and topped off with his signature cream hoodie? It's perfection. (Note the blonde roots peering through, for his latest picture "Alexander").


Layering a casual tee over a long-sleeved white shirt is always fashionable, particularly when it compliments a rich hair color.


Okay, this one just makes me laugh, but for fashion sake, I had to add it. What guy in the right mind would ever mix navy blues and scarlet-maroons? Only Colin...and he pulls it off well too.


For the "SWAT" premiere, our man looks luscious sporting his Johnny Depp facial scruff.


A little clean-cut for my taste, but still irresistably sexy. What can I say? Black suits the man.


Ooooh, those arms. What were we talking about? Oh Pre-wrinkled jeans look hot on guys. Right? Right. Now back to those arms...


Admit it. You are SO hot for him right now.


A white form-fitter with plain black pants may be simple...but pair it up with a few sexy tattoos and chunky bracelets, and you've got yourself a Hollywood stuuuud.


Who can resist the grunge-grey hoodie get-up? You can tell straight away that Colin's a real accessorizer. Check out the trendy wristband and studded belt.

More to Come Upon Request :-)